Hundredfold Farm Cohousing Community

"a place to grow"

Hundredfold Farm Cohousing, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Community Guidelines

Text Box: “Hell, there are no rules here-- we're trying to accomplish something”. 

Thomas A. Edison

Once again the neighbor’s Pit bull has left a surprise in your yard.  You’d already gotten into an argument with the dog’s owner because you thought the new Key Lime and Avocado paint scheme for their house isn’t quite appropriate for the ‘hood, so going over to talk about the gift from the dog maybe should wait.  Maybe it’s time to put up that chain link fence. Unfortunately, the fence won’t prevent your cat from wandering. You just wish she’d not leave so many songbirds on the doormat. Well, no time to worry about any of this right now, ‘cause you need to replace the mercury vapor security light on the back of the house that some kid shot out with a slingshot. Hopefully you can get it fixed before the gang comes over at midnight for the weekly drumming and howling session.

Pets. Aesthetics. Fences. Lighting. Weapons. Noise. This is just a short list of the issues that every community must at some point grapple with. While these may be common, and predictable, issues for every cohousing community, the chosen solutions are as variable as the communities themselves.  Some issues may be addressed by creating legally binding bylaws and covenants, or simply through gentlepersons’ agreements. Some solutions will be carved in stone, while others may organically evolve over time as situations, and the community, change.

Hundredfold Farm is happy to share here our solutions to the issues we foresee and/or experience. Our choices may stand as they are. More likely, we will find it necessary to adjust them as we uncover the practical aspects of community life. Time will tell.

Hundredfold Farmís Housing Policy