Site Design

Site Design

The Housing Cluster

The houses at Hundredfold Farm are clustered to preserve agricultural land, optimize solar access, minimize environmental impacts, and to encourage resident interaction.

The Common House will be expanded to include office space, quiet sitting areas, a large eating/meeting area, guest bedrooms, and a professional grade kitchen.

The houses, built into the south-facing hillside, provide shelter from northerly winter storms, and maximize views, solar gain and thermal buffering.

Access to the houses consists of the “green road” which has a pervious surface allowing rainwater to be absorbed and providing a pedestrian walkway within the cluster.  Emergency vehicles have access to the houses via this pathway.

The three-acre housing cluster is surrounded by 77 acres of open spaces, native woodland, and agricultural land.

Our site plan also features:

  • Access for all to a spectacular 180o panoramic view of the nearby lowlands
  • An organic design that flows with the topography
  • Shared community vegetable and flower gardens
  • Potential for remodeling of existing outbuildings as meeting space and workshops