Hundredfold Farm is a collaborative housing project that offers an alternative to alienation and isolation. The cohousing model is characterized by private dwellings, clustered housing, pedestrian friendly design, and extensive common facilities.  Additionally, cohousing communities are generally funded, designed and managed by the residents.

Hundredfold Farm’s goals include:

  • To function together in a rich, supportive manner so that everyone will flourish.
  • To provide an alternative to the loneliness which pervades our individualistic society.
  • To own and manage the common land jointly, while owning our own private homes.
  • To cluster the homes in order to reduce the impact on open space and agricultural land.
  • To maintain community garden spaces.
  • To produce a significant amount of our own wholesome and healthy food using sustainable practices.
  • To be a community of tolerance, open to everyone regardless of age, income, ethnicity, sexuality or family situation.

Cohousing is gaining national recognition as an alternative housing and community approach. Cohousing construction is grounded in energy efficient and earth friendly practices.  Come to a meeting and learn about the value and merits of Hundredfold Farm.

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