General Features
– The property features native woodland, fields, pond, walking paths and hills.
– The upper plateau of our 75-acre property offers a 180 degree view of the surrounding areas.
– Barns and outbuildings are available for community use.
– Community space is available for vegetable and flower gardens.

Community Friendly Site Design
– A village concept of 15 homes designed considering individuals’ need for privacy, but also opportunities for social interaction.
– Two convenient parking areas are located at the perimeter of the housing cluster, there is access to homes for temporary/special-needs/emergency vehicles.
– Existing 8-room, 2-bath common house with a second story wrap-around veranda overlooking the pond.
– Vision for site includes gazebo, sauna, meditation space, tree house, and other communal gathering spaces.
– Single Family Homes and Eco-Site Plan.

High quality, energy-efficient single-family detached homes.
– Passive solar design with grid interactive photovoltaic systems with battery backup.
– Due to site constraints there is a two-thousand square foot upper limit on home sizes.
– Innovative community waste water treatment and recycling system.
– Individual rainwater collection systems are encouraged.

– Total individual commitment for house, infrastructure, and land: Starting at $270,000