Becoming A Member Of Hundredfold Farm Cohousing Community

The members of Hundredfold Farm Cohousing Community have developed the following pathway for those who are interested in joining our community. This process allows you to learn about us, for us to learn about you, and for you to share in our activities.

  • Come for a visit!
  • Attend a community meeting, dinner, event, or participate in a work party

If you like what you see:

  • Complete our “Living in Community Questionnaire”
  • Join a committee
  • Come more often and stay over

In return, we provide:

  • The “Living in Community” questionnaires of current members
  • Copies of our legal documents (e.g., Joint Venture Agreement, Condominium Agreement)

If you like what you see and want to join us:

  • Attend a meeting with the Clearness Committee *
  • Provide a $20,000 deposit towards the purchase of a lot
  • Communicate your plan for paying for your home

In return, we provide:

  • All rights, privileges and obligations as defined by the Condominium Agreement, and/or other legal documentation
  • Stakeholder status in all processes and decision-making
  • One heck of a welcoming party

Clearness Committee

Hundredfold Farm has borrowed the concept of “clearness” from the Religious Society of Friends. The term refers to an ad hoc group that is formed to help members and prospective members facing major decisions. The community members, together with the person seeking clearness, choose the committee. In meeting with prospective members, the Clearness Committee seeks to ascertain the person’s knowledge and acceptance of the principles and practices of Hundredfold Farm, and to explain the responsibilities and opportunities inherent in membership. Are we right for each other? Do we all know as much as we can about issues that will affect all of us once this decision is made?

Hundredfold Farm does not use clearness as an exclusionary device (such as condominium members voting to accept or exclude), but as a way to achieve clarity among the existing members and prospective members.