Community Guidelines

Text Box: “Hell, there are no rules here-- we're trying to accomplish something”. </p><br /><br />
<p>Thomas A. Edison</p><br /><br />
<p> We have been asked at times about whether we have conflict in our community. We always answer, yes! Conflict exists, at times, not only here in our community, but in the larger world in our own marriages, families, friendships, jobs, and within ourselves. How we deal with it, though, is another matter. Do we display passive aggressive tendencies, do we refuse to talk to others, do we isolate ourselves, or do we try to deal with it? Here at Hundredfold Farm we try to address conflict as it arises and then get on with living, working, and eating together. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we need more time, and sometimes we just need to give each other some space. Often we learn much about our own selves in the process. Community living may not always be easy, but oh when it goes well, it’s a feeling like nothing else.

Pets. Aesthetics. Fences. Lighting. Weapons. Noise. This is just a short list of the issues that every community must at some point grapple with. While these may be common, and predictable, issues for every cohousing community, the chosen solutions are as variable as the communities themselves.  Some issues may be addressed by creating legally binding bylaws and covenants, or simply through gentlepersons’ agreements. Some solutions will be carved in stone, while others may organically evolve over time as situations, and the community, change.

Hundredfold Farm is happy to share here our solutions to the issues we foresee and/or experience. Our choices may stand as they are. More likely, we will find it necessary to adjust them as we uncover the practical aspects of community life. Time will tell.

The following committees offer the opportunity for involvement in the Community:  Executive Board, Buildings & Grounds Committee, Community Committee, Finance Committee, Gardening Committee, Outreach Committee, Water & Sewer Committee.